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Digital Tutors

The Donutizer app design

The Donutizer app design for InVision prototyping tutorial


Game app interface for Sketch tutorial

As a guest instructor for Digital Tutors I’ve taught courses in digital design and UI/UX. I developed the curriculum and created demos for WordPress child theme development, web design software Sketch and prototype creation with InVision. See all my courses on the Digital Tutors site.

Year: 2014-2015 / Category: Web Design

E.J.Keats: John Henry Animation

For the 50th anniversary of Ezra Jack Keats children’s book “John Henry” I worked with the Keats Foundation to create a 6 minute animated read-aloud. It was a great experience working with his original art work and making a video that is in keeping with his style. I created the animation in After Effects, with sound design and mix by Suz Dyer.

Year: 2014 / Category: Games & Animation



Learning, Education and Games Book Panel, 2014


Owners of Thirty Acres restaurant, Jersey City, for Eighty Mag, 2015


Game makers at Mobile Week, 2014



Center for Communication’s Games Industry Forum, 2013


Presenters at NJ Tech Meetup #41, 2013


TEDx Jersey City Auditions, 2013

Category: Illustration