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E.J.Keats: The Snowy Day

The 50th anniversary of the seminal children’s book “The Snowy Day” called for something special. Working with the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation I created a video game where users help young Peter slide down a snowy hill. We worked together to create a full Flash animation of the book, using scans from original artwork and fresh voice-over and beat box sound track from Napolean Maddox.

Play the Snowy Day Game

View the Story Animation

Year: 2011 / Category: Games & Animation

MTV: Pimp My Ride




The premiere of the new show Pimp My Ride on MTV needed a fun online component and our producers had the idea of doing customizable cars. We decided to create an Flash toy that allowed users to pick a base car type, then customize it with different paint, wheels and accessories. I had spent much of my youth drawing wicked machines and was delighted to have a chance to work on this project.

After developing a quick flash POC I then drew 3 different cars; classic, coupe and SUV. I had a blast creating parts like hood scoops, flames, sidepipes, etc. Working with our Flash developers we put the interaction together and launched the toy with the premiere. The show was a huge success and the toy consistently came up in the top 30 pages on the MTV.com site for almost 3 years.

Year: 2004 / Category: Games & Animation